2018 Summer Series:

1. Ollie Lardner
2. Ben Baldwin
3. Julian Baldwin

420 Skippers:
1. Hal Clews
2. Hattie Slayton
3. Sylvia Burns

420 Crews:
1. Katie Forest
2. Silas Murnik
3. Gemma Hill

KYC Cup:  A day race for the one-design classes, held annually.

2018 Optimists:
1. Jack Guinness
2. Ollie Lardner
3. George Wilmerding

2018 420s:
1. Hattie Slayton & Silas Murnik
2. Hal Clews/Katie Forest
3. Sylvia Burns & Gemma Hill

Founder's Cup:  A day race for the one-design classes, held annually to honor the memory of Dr. Seth M. Milliken, the club's founder. The Founder's Cup replaces the Commodore's Cup Race which was originally raced annually on July 23rd, Dr. Milliken's birthday.

2018 Optimists:
1. Ben Baldwin
2. Jack Guinness
3. Campbell Ardrey

2018 420s:
1. Hal Clews & Alton Coolidge
2. Hattie Slayton & Katie Forest
3. Neddie Clews & Ben Crispin

Becton Cup:  The Becton Cup is an annual, one-day regatta for junior sailors.  It is named to honor the memory of Jean and Henry Becton and to recognize their role in establishing and supporting the junior sailing program over the years.

2018 Optimists:
1. Ollie Lardner
2. Julian Baldwin
3. Ben Baldwin

2018 420s:
1. Hal Clews & Silas Murnik
2. Hattie Slayton & Katie Forest
3. Francis Spangler & Clementine Bannon

Brigham Britton Memorial Trophy:  A race for cruising boats sailed by individuals 20 years or under. One or more competent advisors, 20 and over, must be on board. Yacht owners shall be especially invited to participate. The Brigham Britton Memorial Trophy was established in 1981 to honor the memory of Brigham Britton. Its purpose is to develop juniors in skills of seamanship, navigation and racing; and further, to promote inter-club activities among juniors. The Brigham Britton Memorial Trophy replaces the Questing Beast Trophy.

2018: Olivia Dietrich aboard Thea

Jean C. Becton Award:  Established in honor of long-time champion of the junior sailing program, Jean Becton, this award will be presented annually to the most outstanding junior sailor.

2018: Hal Clews

Niehoff Award:  May be presented annually to a junior member who has evidenced the most improvement during the season in sportsmanship, seamanship and racing tactics and rules.

2018: Hayden Ardrey

Commodore Milliken Award:  Commodore Milliken, the Founder of the Yacht Club, was a man of outstanding seamanship, had love and respect for boats and the sea, was always aware of yachting customs and courtesies and had an unfailing spirit of sportsmanship. For 32 years Commodore Milliken, by teaching and by example, tried to inculcate these qualities in club members.  This award is given to the junior member who best exemplifies Commodore Milliken's standards, and may be presented annually.

2018: Alex Amato