We offer visiting yachtsmen guest moorings, fuel, ice, water, pump out service and a trash receptacle.

  • Guest facilities are $35 per night, per boat and are to be used at your own risk.

  • We offer pump out service via our electric boat "Clearwater."

  • Fuel and water are available at the dock. Ice can be purchased at the clubhouse.

  • The dumpster for all trash and recycling is located in the club parking area.

  • We monitor channel 9 during business hours, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, 7 days a week.


1. The parking lots, storage buildings, docks, launches, moorings and other property of the club are built, bought and maintained for the use and enjoyment of its members and the students of KSEA. Use by any other person, entity or company that substantially impairs such use and enjoyment is prohibited. This principle governs and overrides all provisions below.

2. The club grants access to its facilities to companies or individuals who have been hired by the club or its members to service or maintain boats and moorings, at the discretion of the manager, during hours of normal operation during the summer. At times when the club is closed, such access must be explicitly approved by the manager.

3. Unless approved by the Council, members may not use the facilities, vessels or moorings of the club for commercial purposes. In discussing requests for such variances, the Council shall consider the needs and wishes of all members and do nothing that is likely to decrease their ease and enjoyment of use of the club. The Council may attach restrictions and other rules to such use. The commodore shall review all the variances annually.

4. Non-members and commercial, charitable, and social entities may rent the club for evening use if approved by the commodore or other flag officer. All requests for such use shall be directed to the commodore or other flag officer, and must be approved in writing. They will be subject to the then-effective rules of use.

5. Any group or individual using facilities, vessels, or moorings of the club shall assume all liability for their use. Commercial users shall provide a certificate of insurance endorsing the Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club, the Kollegewidgwok Sailing and Education Association, their officers, directors and employees as additional insureds.

6. No unoccupied boat trailers may be stored on club property.


1. The use of docks and the assistance of the dock staff and launch service to and from the club docks during the season are provided for the convenience of members and their guests. The club will not be responsible for any damage to personal property or boats resulting from the use of the facilities and services.

2. Floats are available from mid-May to mid-October.

3. No running on dock and floats.

4. No bare feet, except when swimming.

5. Swimming is permitted from the floats provided that small children are appropriately supervised by parents, and that such activity does not hinder boat docking and servicing activities. Club boats and fuel pumps are not to be used as diving platforms or for other non-club-sponsored recreational activity. A swimming ladder is provided on the inner side of the dock. Keep well away from moving boats.

6. Members and visiting boats may tie up to the float for a maximum of 30 minutes while actively loading or off-loading passengers and/or supplies or while receiving other temporary service. A responsible individual capable of moving the boat off the float must either be aboard the boat or on the adjacent club premises at all times while the vessel is at the dock. If boats are waiting to come to the dock, boats which are tied to the dock will be asked to leave the dock if they are not actively loading, off-loading or being serviced.

7. Dinghies moored at the floats will be equipped with gunwale guards or other fender materials sufficient to prevent damage to adjacent boats. Outboard motors must be left in an upright position or removed from dinghy.

8. The club manager, members of the staff, or the Council are authorized to move or remove any dinghy which is improperly equipped or improperly moored, and to recover a club dinghy from a mooring. A fee as determined yearly will be charged for each dinghy moored at the floats.

9. All boats should be operated in a courteous and considerate manner with the safety of others on the water a prime consideration. Please remember that you are responsible for any damage or injury caused by your boat or its wake. Also remember that the law requires an approved flotation device in any boat for each person on board (including row boats).

10. Power boats shall not exceed 5 mph inside the mooring area.

11. Club-owned sailing craft, when not being used for sailing classes or races, may be loaned out to qualified members for short periods. The manager will make determinations on availability of boats.

12. Several guest moorings are available. These are not intended for use by club members, but are to accommodate visiting yachts. The club manager or his staff are responsible for assignment of guest moorings. Visiting yachtsmen will be extended overnight privileges and will be charged a fee as determined annually for use of club facilities.

13. Facilities fees for visiting yacht clubs shall be paid in a single payment, cash or check, by a representative of the club on the day of the visit. Visiting clubs with over ten boats will be required to send a non- refundable deposit of $15.00 per anticipated boat to the club in addition to any deposit for use of the clubhouse. This deposit will be subtracted from the facilities fee on the day of the visit.

Out & About


There is no commercial transportation from the club to town.

Places of Interest

  • 0.2 Miles up KYC Lane to the main road (for everything below, turn left)

  • 1.4 Miles to the Fish Net and the Co-op Market

  • 1.85 Miles to to the center of town where you will find Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, Blue Hill Town Office, Blue Hill Historical Society and Merrill & Hinckley’s Store

  • 1.95 Miles to Camden National Bank

  • 2.4 Miles to Rite Aid Pharmacy and Tradewinds Supermarket (at the top of Tenney Hill at the intersection of Routes 15 and 172)

  • 2.9 Miles to Marlintini’s Grill (further along Route 176)

Blue Hill Mountain

Follow KYC Lane .02 miles to the East Blue Hill Road. Go left 1.2 miles to the stop sign. Go left for .2 miles and turn right onto Pleasant Street. Follow Pleasant Street for .9 miles and turn right onto the Mountain Road. Follow the Mountain Road for .4 miles to the Osgood Trail on the left or continue another .4 miles to the trail which goes up the face of the mountain.

Places to Eat

$$$ ~ Arborvine ~ 374-2119

$ ~ Fish Net ~ 374-5240

$$ ~ Marlintini's Grill ~ 374-2500

$$ ~ Thurston Co ~ 374-7166

$$ ~ Siam Sky ~ 374-7157

$$ ~ Boatyard Grill ~ 664-4883

$$ ~ Blue Hill Inn ~ 374-2844

$ ~ Cafe at the Co-op ~ 374-2165

$$ ~ Barncastle ~ 374-2300

$ ~ Yanni's Pizza ~ 374-9999


Peninsula Provisions (grocery packages) delivery to dock. Call 207-619-4986 or 207-374-5621 or go to www.peninsulaprovisions.com.