We offer visiting yachtsmen guest moorings, fuel, ice, water, pump out service and a trash receptacle.

  • Guest facilities are $35 per night, per boat and are to be used at your own risk.

  • We offer pump out service via our electric boat "Clearwater."

  • Fuel and water are available at the dock. Ice can be purchased at the clubhouse.

  • The dumpster for all trash and recycling is located in the club parking area.

  • We monitor channel 9 during business hours, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM, 7 days a week.

The Dock

  • There is a thirty-minute time limit on the dock unless approved by the manager or constrained by other vessels (e.g. waiting for fuel service).

  • Water is for water tanks only, maximum of 50 gallons per boat.

  • No smoking on the dock.

  • Boats must be manned and ready to sail while on the dock.

  • Children under 13 must wear lifejackets on the dock.

  • No overnight docking. Any boat found to have spent the night on the dock without written authorization will be charged $5 per foot of boat length.

Out & About


There is no commercial transportation from the club to town.

Places of Interest

  • 0.2 Miles up KYC Lane to the main road (for everything below, turn left)

  • 1.4 Miles to the Fish Net and the Co-op Market

  • 1.85 Miles to to the center of town where you will find Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, Blue Hill Town Office, Blue Hill Historical Society and Merrill & Hinckley’s Store

  • 1.95 Miles to Camden National Bank

  • 2.4 Miles to Rite Aid Pharmacy and Tradewinds Supermarket (at the top of Tenney Hill at the intersection of Routes 15 and 172)

  • 2.9 Miles to Marlintini’s Grill (further along Route 176)

Blue Hill Mountain

Follow KYC Lane .02 miles to the East Blue Hill Road. Go left 1.2 miles to the stop sign. Go left for .2 miles and turn right onto Pleasant Street. Follow Pleasant Street for .9 miles and turn right onto the Mountain Road. Follow the Mountain Road for .4 miles to the Osgood Trail on the left or continue another .4 miles to the trail which goes up the face of the mountain.

Places to Eat

$$$ ~ Arborvine ~ 374-2119
$ ~ Fish Net ~ 374-5240
$$ ~ Marlintini's Grill ~ 374-2500
$$ ~ Boatyard Grill ~ 664-4883
$$ ~ Blue Hill Inn ~ 374-2844
$ ~ Cafe at the Co-op ~ 374-2165
$$ ~ Barncastle ~ 374-2300
$ ~ Yanni's Pizza ~ 374-9999


Peninsula Provisions (grocery packages) delivery to dock. Call 207-619-4986 or go to peninsulaprovisions.com.