1.  First Steps

a.    Visit the KSEA sailing school site and become familiar with the offerings at each level. http://www.kycbluehill.com/class-schedule-fees/ Once you are sure which classes your child(ren) should attend, you can go to the Registration Page from the KSEA site or directly by clicking the link below:

b.    KSEA Registration: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/KSEASailing

2.  Session Selection

a.    It will be helpful to use the FILTER BY tabs on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to SESSION TYPE and select the course type your child will participate in (Opti A, Opti Race Team, 420s, 420 Race Team, etc) It is easier to select one type of course, choose your dates then select the next type of course and choose those dates than to select multiple courses at once.

b.    You may also search by Session Type and Date to find out what is available during the dates your child will be available.

c.    Select classes for each individual child and add to cart, you will add names and other relevant information during the next step.

d.    If you will have 2 children in the same class, you can increase the Quantity after you have added the course to the cart. The box labeled YOUR SELECTIONS will contain the information on selections you have made.

e.    Once you have added all the classes you need, click CONTINUE in the YOUR SELECTIONS box.

3.  Participants and Options

a.    This section is where you will provide individual information. First, enter the name of the student then enter the requested information.

b.    Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the KSEA Program. Without your support the program would not exist. $50 is suggested, but you may click on the amount and enter a different number if you choose to.

c.    Once names and Birthdates and the optional donation have been entered, click CONTINUE to proceed to the registration forms.

4.  Registration Forms

a.    The forms are reasonably self-explanatory.

b.    If you have more than one child, you may choose to Auto Fill the information for the second and subsequent children. If Auto Fill is chosen PLEASE MAKE SURE TO VERIFY INSURANCE AND MEDICAL INFORMATION IS CORRECT FOR ALL CHILDREN.

c.    It is highly recommended to have both parents’ contact information entered on the registration forms.

d.    Families who are not members of KYC are required to pay $35 dollars per student up to a maximum of $70 per family. The Junior Membership fee helps maintain our fleet and also allows the student to participate in race days and other KSEA sponsored throughout the summer even if they are not currently enrolled in a class.

5.   Waivers and Agreements

a.    Please make sure to read each form. They contain binding agreements for your child’s safety and ours.

b.    Electronic signature and acceptance of the waiver forms is required for participation in the program.

c.    Once the waivers are signed, you will continue to CHECKOUT

6.  Checkout

a.    The Checkout window allows you to review purchases, go back and add another registration, purchase optional registration insurance, and create an Active Account which saves registration information for use in the future.

b.    Your credit card will be charged at the time of registration and you will receive confirmation of your payment by email.