Dave Danielson

club manager 

Dave Danielson started at KYC at the age of 17 and has, as he says, "gone no further in 40 years." In fact Dave has run a couple of boatyards, a yacht brokerage, a stevedoring operation and a mooring business with his son Davey, among other things, in the intervening 40-some years. He has his Coast Guard Master's License and, to the disruption of many of his evening plans, is the man to go to if you need a rescue at sea.

Richard Butts

dock manager

After growing up in Washington, D. C. Richard was drawn to the Chesapeake Bay and spent over thirty years in Annapolis, Maryland. In Annapolis it was hard for Richard to avoid being asked to crew in the races – Wednesday nights, every weekend, Annapolis to Newport and simply ‘messing about in boats’. Since his time at KYC in 2010 Richard worked on the dock at Billings Diesel and on the Wooden Boat School waterfront.

Ginger Peabody

office manager

After serving volunteer stints as prize, store and junior program chairman, KSEA registrar and KYC webmaster, Ginger Peabody is happy to be a KYC employee. She lives in Alexandria, VA and works at Episcopal High School during the off-season. The wife and mother of sailors, she has ambitions of becoming a skipper herself one day. In her spare time she gardens, keeps bees, and paints.

Dock Staff

Oliver Dillon
Joseph Boulet
Lucas Hayes
Tyler Chapman